Is Perro Bermúdez related to Chabelo? Photo causes confusion because of its resemblance

Written in SHOWS the 2021/6/28 · 09:06 hs

Social networks give us many surprises and now the turn is for two characters widely known by Mexicans, since a photo circulates that has given something to talk about because of the great resemblance between the commentator Perro Bermúdez and the idol of children, and not so children , Chabelo.

Yes, as strange as it may seem, a photograph from the commentator’s youth sparked suspicions about the resemblance he has with Chabelo, and it is that in the image they have a very similar look, even they could look like twins.

In the image shared by Bermúdez himself, through Twitter, he can be seen as a young man wearing a spectacular mane and although it is something out of the ordinary, because we know him with his classic shaved “knee” look, it was not that which caught the attention of Internet users.

In the image you can see the famous creator of phrases such as “where spiders make their nest” or “tirititito” with his wife, back in the 70s where he wore a beard, mustache and a very hippie disheveled hair .

They say there is a great resemblance between them. Photos: Social networks

Are Chabelo and Perro Bermúdez related?

But what sparked suspicion was his resemblance to Chabelo, and it is that the TUDN driver, looks identical to Chabelo in his times when he starred in movies with Pepito.

Of course, the comments were immediate and Twitter users commented on the similarity between the two famous people even wondered if there is any family relationship between them.

The reality is that no, it only coincides that both have a look that was fashionable in the 70s and although it is true that there is a certain resemblance, there is no link that makes them relatives, since everything is a product of the chance and Chabelo and the Bermúdez Dog they are not related.

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