Is it the end of the world?; puzzles strange animal behavior around the world

A few weeks ago they began to circulate videos from around the world about strange behavior in animals of different species and that it is inexplicable for humanity due to how curious it is.

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And it is that through social networks several videos have gone viral where huge groups of sheep, reindeer, horses, orcas and even ants appear, circling for long periods of time and for no apparent logical reason.

The best-known clip occurred in Mongolia, where a security camera recorded overnight a group of sheep going around in circles while tracing a perfect figureThe rest stay outside or in the center.

Another similar event was recorded in the Kola Peninsula, in northern Russia, only this time they tried to a herd of reindeer also began to walk in circles.

After these clips became known, other similar footage emerged on networks that were shared from other corners of the planet and where the same behavior is observed on the part of animals.

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Do you have an explanation?

And although many Internet users began to speculate that these are probably signals that animals try to communicate about World’s EndBritish veterinarians from the company Molecare Farm Vets, explained that the behavior of the animals could be caused by a bacterial disease.

The disease is classified as listeriosisalso known as “circular disease”, in which they become disoriented due to inflammation in the brain.

When an animal is infected with this bacterium, first of all, it suffers from anorexia, depression and disorientation.

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That’s why packs are seen pushing into corners, leaning against stationary objects, or circling to the affected side.

In addition, this disease can affect different species, from terrestrial mammals to aquatic animals.


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