Is it the end of the tranquility of residents of Xhovémont?

The management of automobile traffic on Sainte-Walburge mountain is definitely an insoluble puzzle. For years, residents of Naimette and Xhovémont fought to prevent cars from taking this shortcut to arrive from the suburbs or leave the city. Breaking speed, local circulation, zone thirty, nothing helped. Until the day when, last summer, the road was cut in two: it was forbidden to go up to the top, it was forbidden to go down in one go. The number of vehicles has been divided by nine. But the inhabitants of several adjacent streets then realized the extent of the nuisance so far endured by their neighbors, since the traffic moved under their windows …

For a “peaceful perimeter”, it remains to invent a formula of citizen participation

They quickly multiplied the protests. The measure, taken on a temporary and experimental basis, cannot be extended beyond the end of June. In any case, not by a decision of the aldermen alone. But thirty days from the deadline, a more definitive solution is struggling to emerge. The municipal council on Monday evening debated it for more than three quarters of an hour, which is to say the political importance of the file. Two weeks ago, a consultation meeting with various representatives of the district made it possible to collect various proposals. It is precisely because they are difficult to reconcile with each other and because they require a serious analysis that Bourgmestre Demeyer postponed the decisions to be taken until the next meeting. The model of citizen participation that can lead to a peaceful perimeter remains to be invented.

Not sure that we should expect very decided choices very soon, since, as an elected representative of the majority pointed out, according to statistics, the problems arise especially on school days. Holidays are enough to give more “time to time” …

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