Is it possible to re-enroll in a university budget: an explanation

According to the law, students who receive a higher education degree (bachelor’s or master’s) for the first time can study at public universities on the budget.

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Who can get a second higher education for free

However, rcitizens who for health reasons lost the opportunity to work according to the qualifications obtained earlier, they can get a higher education in a second specialty for free.

This disability must be confirmed by the conclusions of the medical and social expert commission.

In addition, they also have the right to re-study at a university for the same degree of education for free. Ukrainians who have not completed their studies… To do this, they must reimburse the funds already spent on payment for the services for their preparation.


Reimbursement of the cost of previous education on the budget occurs after re-admission to study at a new university.

In the order for the admission of a student for retraining on a budget the term of reimbursement is set funds (no more than 10 working days from the start of the school year).

Therefore, after enrollment, the student must contact the appropriate department of the new university, which must issue a document with the amount of compensation and the number of the account to which the funds must be paid.

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For such a calculation, you need an academic certificate (about the number of credits and subjects studied) from the previous place of study.

If the student’s financial situation does not allow paying the entire amount at once, then he can apply to the head of the university with an application for restructuring a refund (but 50% will have to be paid at the beginning of the year).

However, the procedure for refunding funds does not apply to such persons:

  • students and cadets of universities with specific training conditions (for example, those ZVOs that train police officers) and military training units of universities;
  • students who wrote an application for expulsion before the start of the school year and did not start their studies.

A document confirming payment (for example, a receipt) must be submitted no later than 10 business days. If the person does not submit the specified document within the specified time period, he will be immediately expelled.

The student will be expelled if he does not have time to reimburse the funds / Photo by goodmaninstitute

Note that the more academic disciplines, passed at the previous place of study, will be credited upon re-admission, the lower the cost of reimbursement will be (if there is admission to the same or a similar specialty).

Do I need a refund if a student drops out before the start of the session? In this case, he must refund in full the cost of 30 credits for the semester, in the middle of which he was expelled.

How to calculate the amount of compensation?

The amount of reimbursement of tuition fees for one semester of the academic year is calculated by the formula: S = Σ (Vi × 0.5) × ((K – Kz) / K).

Interestingly, according to reports, in 2019, the average cost of training per student was 51.6 thousand hryvnia, and in 2020 – already 59.8 thousand hryvnia.

By the way, Volodymyr Zelenskyy wants the salary for the teachers of the future presidential university to start from 4 thousand dollars or euros. Such sums will be received by the best teachers among the best. Details are in the article.

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