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Sanders cancels Ironman 70.3 World Championship and announces long distances in September and October German victories in Bike & Run The Ironman World Championship over the 70.3 distance will take place on September 18th without Lionel Sanders. He currently lacks the necessary speed for the middle distance, said Sanders in a video on his YouTube channel. “For three months I focused completely on the Ironman distance, so I no longer have the right speed in my legs.” Sanders had recently convinced within six days with strong performances at Ironman Copenhagen and the Collins Cup. With his cancellation, he does not duck in front of the competition, said Sanders, but he knows exactly how the world championship race would go. “The guys come out of the water with a huge group two and a half minutes ahead of me and I won’t be able to close the gap. Then they run three minutes faster and I’ll be 15. It’s no fun. ” “Unofficial World Championship” in Sacramento In addition to Sanders, other professionals announced that they would not take part in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship. Florian Angert will also be missing a German beacon of hope. “I had the slot, but decided not to start,” said the 29-year-old when asked by Angert had only proven his current good form at the end of August when he won “The Championship” in Samorin ahead of Magnus Ditlev and Frederic Funk. In addition, the two Americans Rodolphe von Berg and Matt Hanson canceled their World Cup participation. The third place in the 2019 World Cup, von Berg, is sick with glandular fever, Hanson has to undergo an operation because of persistent knee problems. Sanders definitely wants to be there on his self-proclaimed favorite route in 2022. The Ironman 70.3 World Championship will take place this year and next in St. George in the US state of Utah. The 33-year-old has already won the regular 70.3 race there three times. But Sanders wouldn’t be Sanders if he didn’t have another surprise ready. In the video he announces two more starts in the “Ironman year 2021”. He will compete in both Chattanooga on September 26th and Sacramento on October 24th, Sanders said. Especially the Ironman in Sacramento could be a big number after the Hawaii postponement, Sanders is already talking about a starting field like an “unofficial world championship”. However, he does not name names. The Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg 2021 was around 1.2 miles shorter. Instead of the classic 70.3 miles or 113 race kilometers, the triathletes had to face 111.1 kilometers on Saturday, September 11th – because the swimming in the Moselle had to be due to precipitate of blue-green algae. The participants were sent straight to the undulating and entertaining bike route before the final half marathon along the Moselle was supposed to wait. There were no professionals at the start. With Tobias Gärttner and Laura Chacon Biebach, two Germans won. Gärttner needed 3:35:39 hours for the 90 kilometers of cycling and 21.1 kilometers of running, Chacon Biebach 4:01:48 hours. Both were over four minutes ahead. The photographer Ingo Kutsche was on site for at the Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg 2021. You can find his most beautiful pictures from the triathlon in the picture gallery above and below this article. Instead of a rolling start in the Moselle, the triathletes at Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg 2021 were sent directly to the bike course at short intervals. Thus, the start procedure turned out to be a bit more straightforward than it would have been the case anyway. Tobias Gärttner wins, Marc Fernandes runs from 24th to 3rd After cycling, two athletes had already established a small lead: Jerome Ewen from the Netherlands ran into the transition area with the fastest cycling time after 2:15:25 hours. The German Tobias Gärttner needed 39 seconds longer. At this point, with a bike time of 2:24:31 hours, the Frenchman Marc Fernandes was still in 24th place. After the first ten kilometers of the final half marathon, Gärttner had already converted his small deficit into a small lead. Fernandes reached the 10 km mark while running after just 34:51 minutes and had already made up 20 places by now. With a running time of 1:18:39 hours, Gärttner extended his lead to the finish and ultimately won after 3:35:39 hours. Thanks to the strong bike performance, Ewen ran 1:23:15 hours to secure second place in 3:39:59 hours. Behind them, the Frenchman Fernandes made it to third place with a half marathon of 1:14:59 hours, which he was able to secure after 3:40:29 hours. Laura Chacon Biebach runs a 1:23 h half marathon to win the Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg. The women’s race for victory developed in a similar way to the men’s race. After the 90 kilometers of cycling, Laura Chacon Biebach, known as a strong runner, was almost two minutes behind the leading Dutchwoman Isabelle Klein with 2:36:31 hours. Shortly after the 5 km mark of the final half marathon, this lead should have dissolved. After Chacon Biebach took the lead, she was able to continuously expand her lead over the last 15 kilometers. After a half marathon of 1:23:56 hours, she too secured victory with a lead of over four minutes, similar to Gärttner just under half an hour earlier. She crossed the finish line after 4:01:48 hours. Although she ran more than six minutes slower, but without expecting any danger from behind, the Dutch rider Klein reached the finish line after 4:06:07 hours in second place. With the third fastest half marathon of all women of 1:27:11 hours, the Belgian Virginie Vandroogenbroeck improved to third place. She made this perfect after 111.1 kilometers of racing in 4:12:05 hours. Ironman Hawaii 2022: After the cancellation of the triathlon last year, athletes should be allowed to start again on October 9, 2021. However, this date has now been postponed again. The famous competition is scheduled to take place for the next time on February 5, 2022. As soon as details are known, you will find the dates, schedule and all information about the broadcast on free TV and stream of the Ironman 2022 in Hawaii. Ironman 2021 in Hawaii: Cancellation of the date in October As early as mid-August 2021, the incumbent Governor Roth announced that another postponement of the Ironman competition in Hawaii was very likely due to the ongoing pandemic. Since the number of infections is increasing and, as usual, many spectators are expected for the triathlon, those responsible expected a cancellation of this year’s Ironman on October 9, 2021, which actually happened. February 5, 2022 is being traded as a possible alternative date. According to the organizer, the reason for the cancellation is another wave of infections in Hawaii, which is worse than all previous ones. In order to protect participants, helpers and spectators, it was decided with a heavy heart to postpone the Ironman. German triathlon professionals like Jan Frodeno were disappointed with the cancellation. The decision itself is not criticized, but crisis management and communication by the organizer.

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