Irkutsk residents complained about a pack of stray dogs near the Ivano-Matreninsky hospital

Residents of Irkutsk addressed the editors of They reported that on Krasnokazachya Street, 3 from Lyzin, next to the Ivano-Matreninskaya hospital, eight aggressive dogs were running around. They attacked employees of the company nearby, and on January 13 they bit a schoolboy.

The interlocutor of the editorial office said that the residents called the police, but they recommended that they contact the sanitary condition department of the department of road construction, improvement and transport of the Irkutsk administration. In the department, residents were told that traps were set in the indicated place. However, Irkutsk residents believe that this measure is ineffective, and they called the editorial office with a complaint.

An journalist from the Department of Sanitary Conditions was confirmed the information about the attacks of dogs on people and was told that traps near the Ivano-Matreninskaya hospital had been set up the other day after the appeal of residents. The trap is a cage with bait. As soon as the animal runs into it, the door closes and the dog cannot get out on its own. Another way to capture not possible at this location.. “Dogs run around the social facility, there are always a lot of people there. Moreover, the hospital is for children, and the law prohibits catching dogs in the presence of children, ”the journalist’s interlocutor said.

The sanitary department added that if the traps fail to catch the dogs, the contracting organization, the K9 kennel, will consider another option for trapping. The kennel informed the journalist that only two dogs have been caught so far. The rest continue to be caught with traps.

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