Iran wanted to kill Lana Marks, US ambassador and friend of Trump


A plan to assassinate the American ambassador to South Africa. The possible Iranian revenge to wash the general’s death with blood Qasem Soleimani, centered, january, from a US drone missile in Baghdad. Second Politico intelligence has recently gathered information on the planned attack against Lana Marks, diplomat, entrepreneur and good friend of Donald Trump. A double target in the endless duel between the two enemies.

The 66-year-old ambassador was informed after services received increasingly accurate data on the threat. The first emerged in the spring, when officials sensed the existence of a general danger towards the diplomat. Subsequently, the dossier was enriched with detailed elements and the hierarchical network put pen to paper. A report – accurate Politico – inserted in the so-called Duty to warn, that is a specific warning to the person who is considered in danger of life. This is followed by a report in the CIA’s World Intelligence Review (WIRe), a file to which political leaders and even some congressmen have access. The circulation of information has obviously widened the perception of the pitfall, which inevitably leaked out. It was not news for a few.

History opens up a number of fronts. The first concerns the retaliation itself. THE pasdaran had already countered the deadly shot by firing missiles at an American base in Iraq. A circumscribed and targeted action that had been interpreted by observers as the will of the ayatollahs not to trigger a major crisis. And the White House had gone along with the approach by arguing that the bombing had done no damage when, instead, several soldiers were injured. At the same time, both the Pentagon and security were not convinced that the game on Soleimani had ended definitively, several officials had hypothesized further retaliation, perhaps against diplomatic representations.

The second element concerns Tehran’s interest in reigniting the battle. On the one hand, the loss of the general represented a serious reverse, with the disappearance of a charismatic and capable figure, not easy to replace. So there is the desire to react harshly. On the other hand, however, the Islamic Republic could find itself in a situation of greater isolation if its involvement in an anti-US attack is proven. Between the two paths there is the narrow path of the game of the apparatuses and that of power. Iran is not a compact reality, there may be forces that want a storm.

In this regard, the presence of a robust Iranian network in Africa is reported. Nigeria, South Africa itself, the western regions host agents and operatives, sometimes linked to Lebanese Hezbollah. In the past some of them have been identified as part of a structure with various missions: recruitment, monitoring of possible targets, financing.

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