Iran: explosion in a power plant, last incident in a long series


One more accident. An explosion and a fire hit a power plant in southwest Iran on Saturday, report a BBC agency, Reuters, and several local journalists. For several days, explosions and fires have affected several strategic sites in the country.

The accident on Saturday occurred in an Ahvaz power plant. A fire hit a transformer in the power plant, causing a power outage. He was later overpowered by firefighters, according to a spokesperson for the plant’s operating company, quoted by the Iranian agency Tasnim. No one was injured in the incident.

Several images shot by journalists on the spot, and showing impressive flames, were circulating on social networks on Saturday afternoon. According to one of them, the explosion could be explained by a heat peak in the region, where the temperature reached 47 ° C in the afternoon. Ahvaz is one of the hottest cities in the world, according to the World Meteorological Organization, which depends on the United Nations.

On the same day, a leak of chlorine gas was reported in the petrochemical complex of the port of Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni, in the Persian Gulf, according to the agency SHANA, which reports to the Iranian oil ministry. Some local employees were slightly injured after being exposed to the gas, said the director of the plant, who said the leak had been brought under control.

A series of incidents across the country

It is not the first time that a sensitive site has suffered damage in recent days. An explosion and fire on Thursday hit the Natanz nuclear complex, a uranium production site in the center of the country, without causing injuries. The origin of the incident has not been specified. But in a press release from the official IRNA agency, the possibility of sabotage of the site by Israel and the United States was raised, reports the Associated Press agency.

The site had already been the target of a large-scale computer attack in the late 2000s, which had damaged the Iranian nuclear program, which was the subject of concern in the United States and Israel.

On June 26, an explosion also hit the Partchine military base in the north of the country, which manufactures ballistic missiles in particular. According to the authorities, the explosion was due to a gas leak located in a storage location outside the base.

The incidents do not only affect strategic sites. Nineteen people died on Tuesday in an explosion at a clinic in the country’s capital, Tehran. Again, the incident was linked to a gas leak, according to the authorities.

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