IPN Scholarships: Call and dates of financial support for students

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The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) made known through his Twitter account the general call for scholarships addressed to different groups of students school cycle 2022-2023. We inform you about the financial support dates that this educational institution will give.

If you study at the IPN and want to be eligible for one of these scholarships, you need to register the application for this financial support focused on upper secondary and higher level students, which will be from September 5 to 18. Students must enter the SIBec platform as a first step. There they will ask for a username and password; in case you don’t remember it, they will help you recover it.

Scholarship Application Dates

From September 19 to October 12, the requirements validation process will take place. Therefore, the results will be ready in the SIBec on October 14.

For the postgraduate transition scholarship, the application will be made through the scholarship representative of the Research Center to the SIP scholarship manager; You can send the requested documentation from August 15 to 19 on the portal of the Postgraduate Scholarship System.

From August 22 to 26, the requirements will be approved. Meanwhile, the publication of results will be on September 2 on the Postgraduate Scholarship System portal.

Registration and documentation of scholarships to obtain thesis and postgraduate will be from August 15 to September 2 on the portal of the Postgraduate Scholarship System. From September 9 to 23, the validation of requirements will be carried out, while on October 21 the results will be published on the same website.

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And the registration website for institutional stimulus scholarships for researcher training is on the portal of the “Institutional Research Training Program (PIFI)”. The documentation and validation will be taken into account by the PIFI representative of each Academic Unit and the Research Department.

For more information Check the scholarship registration sites and also the IPN social networks.

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