iPhone Flip on the first graphic. Is it real?


When information appeared on the Internet a few days ago that Apple had ordered trial copies of folding displays from Samsung, almost everyone drew the same conclusions: a competitor for Samsunga Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr with an apple on the housing will appear soon. Now we can see what it might look like.

Is the smartphone in this image really the iPhone Flip?

Posted on a Chinese social network Weibo the graphics allegedly depict a device called iPhone Flip. Unfortunately, it is not possible to confirm its authenticity in any way, so you should approach it with a considerable distance. However, if it turned out to be true, Apple will show a completely different approach to folding displays than Samsung whether Motorola.

iPhone Flip fot. ConceptsiPhone

According to information shared on Twitter a few months ago by the well-known analyst Jon Prosser, the display on the folded iPhone will not be a typical folding screen. In fact, these will be two separate displays, which, when unfolded, will fit so tightly together that the gap between them will be difficult to see. This solution can significantly reduce the production costs of the device and increase its durability.

This is the end of the note?

Both in the information provided by Prosser and in the published graphics, we can see that in the folding display iPhone’a there was not enough room for a characteristic notch, hiding the devices needed for the technology to function Face ID. There is only a tiny webcam for video calls.

Rumors say that Apple has decided to move Face ID to the outer casing of the device, which has eliminated the note, and the smartphone itself will be unlocked when you look at it, without having to unfold it. Such a solution in iPhone Flip seems to be very right, for example from the perspective of using Apple Pay. To pay with the phone in the store, it would not be necessary to unfold it.

iPhone Flip still remains only on stage of speculation, and there are plenty more to come by, such as the one posted on Weibo. Will any of them turn out to be true? Only Apple knows about it.

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