Investigators discover a dismembered animal including the head and intestines at Munich Airport

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Von: Hans Moritz


During the luggage check at Munich Airport, officials discovered 16 kilograms of unrefrigerated meat from a goat in the suitcase of a 36-year-old, as well as its skull and exposed intestines.

Airport – Marie Müller, spokeswoman for the main customs office at Munich Airport, speaks of a “scary discovery”. The man had traveled from Cameroon. The meat was wrapped in a box as a gift. But it will never reach its recipient. “Due to animal health regulations, the meat could not be imported. It was confiscated and then destroyed. The man bears the disposal costs,” the spokeswoman said.

Customs investigators found a raw, dismembered goat, including the head, in the luggage of a traveler at Munich Airport. © Sebastian Willnow/Customs Munich Airport

There is a reason for the strictness, as Müller further reports: “Since the introduction of animal diseases from animal products for personal consumption cannot be ruled out, strict veterinary regulations apply in accordance with the EU regulation.” If meat, milk and products made from them, such as Cheese or sausages imported privately must meet the same veterinary requirements as commercial ones, according to a customs statement.

Munich Airport: Meat must be destroyed after disgusting find

“This means that travelers who have such goods with them must be checked under veterinary law at a border control point when entering the European Union,” Müller informs. In addition, health certificates and an accompanying document would have to be presented for them. “If the goods do not meet the import requirements, the shipments will be rejected by customs. They may then have to be disposed of on the spot,” says Müller. ham

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