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Every time CES introduces fun technology for pet owners, 2022 is no exception. However, in 2022, there are some gadgets that consider treating dogs and cats not just as lovable furry friends, but as intelligent animals with their own behaviors, emotions, and even a desire for self-expression. It was exhibited.

At its most basic level (although it’s a lot more advanced than it was a few years ago), it’s a combination of a smart cat collar and a weight-sensing platform that helps owners keep track of their cat’s daily movements. (Cat log) ”.

This collar has the function of sensing movements and vibrations and associating them with “cat-like behaviors” such as sleeping, sitting, washing the forefoot, eating, drinking, and even moving around. These actions (including grooming) are sent almost live to the owner through the IoT hub. You can also look back on your cat’s day, such as when and how much you played and how long you slept.

The basic function of this device, which reveals the pet’s daily life when it is away, is not just an accessory on the lap, it exists and acts even when the owner is not looking. It will be a great first step to understand that.

Invoxia has developed a smart collar that tracks not only the location of the dog, but also the condition of the heart and respiratory tract. Although its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed at this time, given the advances in smartwatches and wearable devices that detect harmful human events and conditions, similar ones could be developed for dogs at all. No wonder.

Animals, like humans, can have heart and lung problems, which sadly tend to occur in some breeds. Of course, you can take your dog to the vet twice a year to see your dog’s breathing, but if something goes wrong, it might be a good idea to wear a collar to let the owner know. Because, like ourselves, “preventive efforts deserve therapeutic efforts.”

Image credit: Inupathy

Manufacturers claim that the backpack-type device “Inupathy” that is worn on the back of a dog can detect not only physiological signs but also various psychological states. However, excessive credit is prohibited at this time. Some devices of this type are human-focused, but the results are mixed. However, Langualess, the manufacturer of this Inupathy, explains its function as follows.

Even if the animal’s heart is beating in a gentle rhythm, it accelerates the beating rhythm when its owner begins to feel nervous. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the sympathetic nerves, which are said to work during activity, become active. We have found that we can understand the mental state of the owner in more detail by independently researching and analyzing the fluctuation of the heartbeat.

Heart rate analysis is, of course, an area with a long and rich history, with some hits and some unsuccessful. But it doesn’t make sense to think that you can tell if your dog is relaxed, temporarily excited, or in a state of long-term anger or anxiety. is not it. The company’s core innovation is the development of local sensors and circuits that reliably detect and analyze the heart rate of animals.

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Of course, you can know it from more external factors such as the position and posture of the tail and how to make a voice. However, not all dogs are very emotional. Anyway, it’s a good idea to add some more data.

Speaking of adding data, Taiwan’s largest applied research institute, ITRI, announces a nice concept called “iPetWeaR” that provides data-based early warning signals to prevent heart attacks in dogs. did. This low power consumption physiological detection radar technology is harmless without touching the pet’s skin and can be sensed in a flexible way, such as by attaching it to a pet’s collar or incorporating it into a dog’s bed.

The $ 80 basic package includes a sensor device, a collar with a variety of options, and a mobile app for both cats and dogs. The company also produces lovely demo footage, which is also why we’re introducing this kind of product together.

The physiological data collected by iPetWeaR is transferred to the owner’s mobile phone via Bluetooth. If an irregular pulse or breathing is detected, the product promises that the owner will be notified to take immediate action and that the pet’s underlying health abnormalities can be detected early.

Wagz’s “Freedom Collar”, which appeared a while ago, has introduced a virtual geo-fence that allows four-legged friends to stay in place. rice field. The collar features GPS tracking, fitness recording, and “humane” correction (without electric shock), making it a popular training solution for puppies. However, CES 2022 has added a new product called “Wagz Tags”, which is an idea that allows dogs to roam freely in the house while setting up small areas that should not be entered. That’s why geofencing works when the dog’s collar gets too close to the Wagz Tag, which is a great and very clever way to keep your dog away from furniture.

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Wagz Tagz allows you to create customizable Keep Out Zones from 3 feet to 15 feet to keep your pet safely away from places you don’t want them to approach. be able to.

Image credit: Wagz

Since we’re together, why don’t we talk to the dog directly? That’s the idea of ​​Fluent Pet. The company makes a button set to teach dogs to express themselves using human vocabulary. As shown in the picture below, when a dog presses a button with his forefoot, human language comes out.

Image Credit: FluentPet

Obviously, Fluent Pet’s buttons are inspired by social media favorite dogs, Stella and Bunny, who push buttons to express what they want to say. Their seemingly coherent words suggest a richer intellectual world than we expected. FluentPet’s buttons make it easy to find out if your dog has similar talents (to be honest, all dogs are excellent, but not all dogs can write reliably. ).

The button kit, which comes in several sets, contains a variety of buttons with individual pictures and letters that have meanings, and when you press a button, you can press “outside”, “rice”, and of course, “love”. Words such as “come out. These buttons are attached to a large, easy-to-identify foam mat (hope it doesn’t taste) so that the dog can easily remember it.

Do dogs really understand the meaning of the word “love”? Probably not. I’m sure you like it, but you may understand that pressing that button will make you love it. Similarly, pressing the “rice” button tends to make dinner faster, and pressing “outside” will take you out for a walk faster than you can stare at the door. As an owner, you may not be able to enjoy a complete conversation with your dog, but it will be a fun way to change the way your best friend expresses himself. Dogs sometimes express their feelings in a disappointing way.

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