Interview with horse whisperer Carsten Sostmeier: “Like a declaration of love” – media – society

Mr Sostmeier, after your comment on the dressage gold, you were hymnically celebrated on Twitter. Are you used to such praise or are you surprised?
Such praise touches me. Somewhat surprising that so many people have also dealt with this fascinating sport as a result, which I am most pleased about.

Your style is extraordinary. You like to reach into the poetic, the lyrical, the superlative. This is also risky because the line to kitsch can be crossed. You don’t care, don’t you? They only want to do justice to the performance of horse and human in their own language.
I suspect that you can tell that I have a special affection for dressage. Since everything comes freely from the head and the heart, there is certainly a risk of crossing borders, like a declaration of love. The effort to accompany what has happened with my words and also to translate it is absolutely in the foreground.

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Can such a reporter tone be learned?
I do not know that. I didn’t get taught. I don’t really think about that either. However, my attentiveness to careless statements has become my constant companion as far as possible.

The audience is currently thrilled, but you have also received a lot of criticism when you wanted to see a brown mark on an eventing rider. Do you generally hymn the winners, but you have no mercy on the losers?
I am happy to be part of successes, even across nations, when a great, exemplary performance has been achieved. With those who are losing out in sport, I try to remain analytically comforting, which once slipped away from me, which I will always regret.

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Is riding still a sport for you or has it been something else for a long time?
Riding is a top sport, not just at the Olympic Games. The temptation of increasing prize money, the driving up of the courses for sport horses and the sometimes shopping in the sport do not always arouse good feelings in me. The responsibility for the horses must not be lost in the beginning.

No problems with riders

What do the riders say to Carsten Sostmeier: Are they thrilled or amazed?
So far it has been possible for me to exchange ideas with them about events or their horses.

Can you imagine commenting on other sports as well?
I am commenting on the most beautiful sport in the world – this is my life! If so, it would have to be a completely different task on the microphone.

For someone who only knows horses from a distance: What makes this animal so special in your eyes?
Grace, grandeur and beauty. The first glance is directed at the eyes of a horse in order to discover its soul and to find access. But it is also the respect for and towards the horse.

The fascination is indescribable. Horses have become valuable ambassadors through breeding and sport, bringing us humans together. Without her, this interview wouldn’t even exist.

Joachim Huber asked the questions.

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