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The international star Karen Karen Karen Mok held a new song “Under the Moonlight” in a live broadcast. She sang the new song “Love Without Fear” for the first time in the world. She has devoted a lot of effort to the new song and invited Li Quan as the music director. The innovation of the classic golden tunes was incorporated into the jazz version of the adaptation, and the piano performance was shown in the performance, which became the surprise egg of the first concert. At the celebration banquet, Eric Zhou Xingzhe, who created “Love is Fearless”, came to congratulate him. The two improvised the male and female duet version of “Love is Fearless” on the spot, making the audience full! The trailer of “Love is Fearless” has been announced a few days ago. Karen’s beautiful figure and vocal music sang poems, which caused a enthusiastic response. The short version of “Love is Fearless” will soon be released on 11/25.

In order to echo the new song “Love is Fearless”, the new song premiere will be named “Under the Moonlight”, and the scene setting has been made as beautiful as the name: an auditorium under the moonlight, covered with red roses and flickering candles on the stage , To create a romantic and moving atmosphere. At the beginning of the first concert, Karen Mok appeared on the stage in the shape of a Mo cat baby. The classic wool curly hair style and the costumes with rich national style are a little bit naughty and cute. Mo Maobao is an anime character created by Mok’s prototype. It is responsible for the mission and responsibility of protecting animals. The Mo Maobao series of comics will be updated to the third episode, and “Love is Fearless” is the theme song of the same name in the third episode. At the beginning of the creation of Mo Maobao, Karen Mok hopes to convey the belief in protecting animals in a more affinity way. She is also constantly trying and innovating, so that Mo Maobao will not only stay in the comics, but also appear in her In songs and concerts, she will continue to take Mo Maobao to fulfill her determination to protect animals.

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The creative arrangement of the first concert was derived from an afternoon tea party. At that time, Karen Mok and Li Quan talked about their ideas for the concert. The two hit it off. Li Quan said with a smile that it was very easy to be the music director this time. think too much. It is not easy to be comfortable in jazz music. Karen Mok chose the jazz style to run through the audience this time, and wanted to challenge himself. So at the beginning of the concert, he brought piano solo “Moonlight Sonata” and later classic songs. Raise your hand if you love me”, “Cloudy”, “Outside World”, “Love in a lifetime”, “Love” and “Perfect Solitude” are all adapted into jazz styles, and the classic melodies have been re-interpreted and set more than 3 million People are online watching at the same time.

“Love is Fearless” was presented at the finale at the premiere. Karen Mok used her voice to interpret the image of fearless pursuit of love. The new song “Love Fearless” continues the charm of Mo-style love songs, and also incorporates opera elements, showing mystery and romance . When performing the last part of the song, Karen Mok used a touching piano solo as the first concert to draw a successful conclusion and became the egg of the first concert.

At the concert, Karen Mok and music director Li Quan interacted on the same stage. Karen Mok said that he looks forward to more cooperation in the future. In addition to musical cooperation, he also hopes to make a complete musical from scratch. She wants to continue to challenge different music styles so that fans can see that she is making progress.

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At the celebration banquet at the end of the concert, Eric Zhou Xingzhe, the composer of “Love is Fearless”, specially came to congratulate the debut concert and the successful release of the new song. Karen said: “It took a long time to see each other after I received the song. I am very happy, and It’s really great to receive such a good song!” There happened to be a grand piano at the celebration banquet. Eric showed off his piano skill generously and played “Love Without Fear” live, and Karen was cheering the audience. Sit next to Eric and sing “Love is Fearless” together and sing a chorus for Eric. The piano chorus version is also very beautiful. The two sang and hugged happily. The audience continued to applaud and the atmosphere was super high!


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