Intact Crocodile Returns Missing Boy (Photos)

The missing boy in the bayou returns in unexpected ways. (Schematic / image source: Adobe Stock)

The Indonesian island of Borneo used to haveCrocodileattacks, which resulted indieIncidents are not rare.Recently there was a 4 year oldboyin this areaMissingTwo days later, he returned in an unexpected way.

top predator

There are millions of species on the earth. When it comes to existing large reptiles, the first instinct is to think of crocodiles, which appeared on the earth as early as 200 million years ago. They are quite typical large carnivores. Depending on the type of crocodile, its body size will vary greatly, ranging from 1.2 meters to 7 meters. Back to ancient extinct species, even large crocodiles over 10 meters have appeared. They will inhabit rivers, lakes, coasts and other areas, use the lowest energy consumption method to hunt animals, approach their prey silently from the water, quickly bite each other when they are not prepared, and then drag them into the water to drown them.

The crocodile has thick scales covering the skin, and it also has the ability to detect airborne and water-soluble chemicals, and detect vibrations in the water. However, its most deadly ability is the powerful bite force of its mouth. The crocodile can use its powerful jaws to hold on to its prey, and then rotate its body to tear the meat off the prey in a behavior called “death flip”. Its existence in the food chain belongs to the top predator status, and some people even think that it is the cruelest animal in nature.

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Ruthless Crocodile

According to a report in August last year, a 15-year-old boy in Indonesia, Fayan Idam, went fishing with his friends by a stream. They were fishing in Lake Tolire that day, but they were suddenly attacked by a crocodile by a river. Immediately, Yidum had no time to escape, and was dragged into the water by the crocodile. His friends at the side had no time to pull him away, and even if they found out, they couldn’t help him. After the incident was notified to the rescuers, they searched for Idham’s whereabouts together with the local residents. Later, some people saw his body floating on the river, but they could not be recovered immediately for various reasons.

After 3 days, the rescuers found the dilapidated body of Idham and sent it back to Idam’s home. At that time, part of the arms were missing, and the head was almost separated from the torso. Until the crocodile gnaws for a long time. This incident is not an uncommon attack. Due to the large number of estuaries in Indonesia, many crocodiles live here. While the human domain continues to expand, it impacts the habitats of many crocodiles, which is prone to conflicts. Naturally, humans are attacked from time to time. Crocodile attacks occur, even immature humans are crocodile prey.

accidental return

However, there are occasional exceptions to everything in the world. Recently, the “Daily Mail” reported that there was a case of disappearance at the mouth of the Java River in the Kalimantan area of ​​Borneo, Indonesia. The missing person was a 4-year-old boy Mohammad Ziad Vija Ah, his whereabouts have been missing for two full days. There were many crocodile attacks in Borneo, and many people died as a result, but Muhammad returned to everyone in an unexpected way. At that time, a 3-meter-long crocodile appeared carrying Muhammad’s body on its back. After swimming for more than 200 meters, it was handed over to rescuers on a boat, and then disappeared into the water without a trace.

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If it was turned into crocodile food, the body would have been damaged as badly as Idham, but Muhammad’s body was “intact” without even a single bite mark on his body, the captain of the rescuers said the crocodile Actually become their facilitator. According to preliminary research and judgment, Muhammad should have accidentally fell into the water and died while playing, and the help of the crocodile was an unexpected result for everyone.

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