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The Institute of Missiology, supported by the aid organization Missio, is celebrating its 50th birthday. It promotes research projects by young theologians so that they can shape their church and society as leaders.

Missio President Dirk Bingener praised the Institute for Missions Research (MWI) as “a unique institution for academic exchange within the world church” during a three-day congress that celebrated the anniversary.

Research, conferences, grants

The institution of the catholic aid organization missio Aachen awards grants, organizes international conferences and participates in intercultural research projects. This year it awarded 78 scholarships for study and research in the home countries of the young scientists, but also at European universities.

The institute accompanied the church in Africa, Asia and Oceania in transforming a church shaped by the “white” mission into a local church, explained the press spokesman for missio Aachen, Johannes Seibel.

Represent the diversity of Christianity

The director of the MWI, Harald Suermann, explained: “The debates about the face of the church in a different cultural context in the world and how Christianity can be lived in a variety of ways, inspired and connected us over the past 50 years . I hope that this will unite us in the next 50 years and that the cultural diversity of Christianity will not be seen as a danger but as an opportunity. “

The MWI was founded in November 1971 in the spirit of optimism at the Second Vatican Council. Since the turn of the millennium, the institute has been devoting itself to the effects of globalization and addressing issues such as the relationship between religion and violence, the consequences of migration or the influence of indigenous theologies in an increasingly unified world society. Topics such as the advancement of women in the world church or the prevention of abuse of minors are also on the agenda.

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