Instagram is testing 60-second stories

Instagram is testing the ability to post 60-second stories with a small group of users. Currently, the duration of the stories is limited to 15 seconds.

Instagram may soon extend the time limit for videos posted as Stories. The media sharing app is testing stories that are up to one minute long instead of 15 seconds at the moment.

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In a statement, an Instagram spokesperson explained that “The ability to create longer Stories posts is in high demand from our community. We are excited to test 60-second Stories so that people can create and view Stories with fewer interruptions. “

The change was first noticed last month by the app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi in the app’s source code. The message he found there is now also ongoing shown to some users publicly.

If and when the change is implemented, Instagram will provide an uninterrupted experience on longer videos, which until now are segmented into successive frames of 15 seconds, the maximum length of Instagram Stories.

Instagram is testing the change with a small number of users as part of what Mosseri explained earlier this year as a broader plan for the company to simplify its user experience on many fronts.

In January, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri suggested that the company was looking to consolidate the app’s video products, to simplify the experience and facilitate the creative process for its users, by reducing some of the platform’s tools.

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He stated in a recent Decoder podcast that Instagram is “Looking at how we can – not just with IGTV, but through all of Instagram – simplify and consolidate ideas, because we made a lot of new bets last year. I think this year we need to focus on simplicity and craftsmanship again ”.

Earlier this month, Instagram merged the video experience on the platform into a single format, retiring the IGTV feature and grouping all the videos into its feed section.

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