Insigne works only in the gym. Customized for Osimhen

The victory against Juventus has certainly returned some more certainty in a team under construction and which only a few days ago, albeit in a friendly match, had made a bad impression with Benevento. Signs of a Napoli that exists, and that wants to redeem the darkness of the Champions lost on the last day of the last championship.

This morning straining eduta commanded by Luciano Spalletti: eyes on Insigne and his condition after the blunt trauma accused against Juventus.

Naples training: the conditions of Insigne and Osimhen

Lorenzo Insigne did work in the gym: no field work for the captain, for whom the staff preferred targeted and more controlled work. His presence for the Europa League match against Leicester remains in doubt, even if there is cautious optimism about his condition. The next two days and the response that the player will give to his injury will be fundamental.

News also from Osimhen: like Demme, the striker carried out a personalized session on the field.

Good news, however, from Dries Mertens and Ghoulam, who did all the training with the group. Lobotka therapies.

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