Insider: Valve refused to port CS: GO to Source 2 | CS: GO


Valve decided not to port CS: GO to Source 2. This was announced by insider Tyler McVicker. According to him, the developers abandoned this project because of the difficulties with transferring a huge amount of user content to the new engine.

Tyler McVicker:

“There will be no transition from CS: GO to Source 2. Valve had a meeting about this: the studio decided that this project required too much work. At the moment, the transition to Source 2 is not planned. <...> Developers are not going to do this. For about two years they had a build on the new engine, but the matter is not in the game itself, but in the transfer of user-generated content. They cannot quickly port a huge library of such content. If Valve ever addresses this issue, the switch to Source 2 will take place, but not so far. ”

McVicker added that the CS: GO port on Source 2 is almost ready, but users should not expect dramatic differences. According to him, even after the transition to a new engine, the game will remain the same, with the exception of minor changes in every aspect of the gameplay, which are likely to become a problem for gamers.

Earlier, insiders reported that the CS: GO version on Source 2 will be released no earlier than the end of 2020. In May, McVicker announced that Valve could release the port before the start of summer.


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