INFO THE INDEPENDENT OPINION – A young burglar confused by the dog “Looba” who had sniffed his cell phone

Its great specialty is finding missing people. But this time, the Malinois “Looba” of the National Gendarmerie made it possible to confuse a young minor who had “visited” several houses on September 12 in the town of Cornebarrieu, in Haute-Garonne, according to information collected by The Independent Opinion.

The young miner first tried to enter a property by smashing the glass of a French window with a stone. It is then that an alarm goes off and causes the burglar to escape.

He steals 50 euros from a house

He goes over the fence and enters a second property where, this time, he steals 50 euros in a box. Then the young minor enters a third house where he comes face to face with the owner, which will allow the gendarmes to obtain a description of the suspect’s clothing.

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The dog finds the cell phone

A report is given to the gendarmes. About twenty soldiers are deployed on site, including the Colomiers dog squad. “Looba”, one of the dogs, enters the track and very quickly manages to track down the suspect’s cell phone, which had fallen into a bush.

While tracking in the streets of Cornebarrieu, the dog “marks” a group of young people who were in front of an educational center. One of them is arrested and taken into police custody. He was already known to the police.

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