INFO RTL – Towards the end of anti-bark collars

This is a relief for animal welfare advocates. The company Agrobiothersmarket leader in equipment and hygiene products for dogs, has decided to take the lead and stop the production of anti-bark collars. These tools, created to send the animal electric shocks or bad odors in case of too loud barking, were controversial because of the inconvenience they caused to the animal.

“Our mission is that 100% of our products guarantee the absence of animal abuse. In this context, we have decided to stop these collars which are prohibited in most European countries”, explained Matthieux Lambaux, the president of the French company to RTL. “We are now moving towards methods softer and which are closer to positive education”. It should be noted that this market represented almost 600,000 euros in turnover for Agrobiothers.

This announcement greatly satisfied Lorène Jacquet, campaigns and advocacy manager at the Brigitte Bardot Foundation: “It is obvious that this is a decision that the foundation greet and congratulatesince it goes in the direction of societal evolution which concerns the way we look at and treat animals”.

For her, these tools “create animal suffering and potentially dangerousness”, because the animals concerned “will be more anxious, more stressed and will potentially bite more“. She also assured RTL that the Foundation would now “reiterate its requests to the government, in order to ask prohibition of the marketing and use of these tools”. A petition has even already been launched for this prohibition to be enshrined in law.

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