Industry: Producer prices up slightly

The producer price index of the “Manufacturing industries excluding petroleum refining” sector recorded an increase of 0.4% during May 2021 compared to a month earlier, according to the High Commission for Planning (HCP) .

This development is the result of the 1.6% rise in prices in “Food industries”, 0.8% in “Metallurgy”, 0.3% in “Chemical industry” and “Manufacture of electrical equipment. “And 0.1% in” Woodworking and manufacture “of articles of wood and cork”, specifies the HCP in an information note relating to the price index for industrial, energy and mining production (IPPIEM) from May 2021.

This variation also takes into account the 0.3% drop in prices in the “Clothing industry”, adds the same source.

In addition, the producer price indices of the “Extractive industries”, “Production and distribution of electricity” and “Production and distribution of water” sectors have stagnated, concludes the HCP.

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