Indochine in concerto a Percy for the Advancement of Science

Has been a long timeAn appointment for 5,000 spectators on Saturday to dance to the notes of Indochinese music and rediscover its vivid atmosphere, at the Bercy Hole in Paris, during a concert accompanied by a scientific study awaited by a sector severely affected by the Covid-19 virus.

We have been waiting for a long time for the reopening of this kind of event. So there, finding a concert, in addition to Indochina, is very nice‘excites Camille, 26, who came from nearby Val d’Oise to review,’For the fifth or sixth time‘, Nicola Serkis and his band on stage.

Sunglasses on her purple hair, the young woman waits for her turn in a long line that stretches to the far end of the concert hall.

saliva test

Before entering the ring, he must deliver the envelope containing the saliva test that was done on Saturday, after having carried out the first negative antigen test in the last three days, which is one of the conditions for participating in the ‘study’.

In the room there is no spacing, but a mandatory mask. In compliance with the curfew still in effect at 9pm, the concert starts for free at tea time, with the first electric part presented at 5pm by Etienne de Crécy, n.French touch‘, before Indochina at 18:00.

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The veteran group was formed in 1981, which fills the stadiums and its injuries from “adventurer” per me “I asked the moon‘, between generations, returns to the scene after having had to postpone a 40-year tour (for Spring / Summer 2022), due to the health emergency.

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We already have our seats at the Stade de France, it will be next year and we keep it‘smiles Valentine, a 29-year-old technician, wearing a black Indochina jersey.


This experiment, already conducted elsewhere in Europe, has become a sea eel in France, where it has been repeatedly postponed. Finally, it is carried out against the background of a marked improvement in health, two days before the start of vaccination for all adults.

But the stakes are still high for the entertainment sector, which sees its recovery at times, despite the green light from May 19 for seated concerts, with differences.

So far, existing festivals have been allowed this summer, but with a maximum of one person per 4 square meters. Several have already thrown in the towel (Solidays, Eurockéennes), only the rare events take place, often in a seated and measured form (Francovoles, Prentices de Borges, Vieille Charros).

Festival goers on an area of ​​4 square metersFor a sector that thrives on tickets it is unsustainableMalika Segueno condemned, who is carrying out the project with AP-HP (Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris) for the scientific component, with the support of the government.

Within a month of the region, several politicians planned the trip, including Health and Culture Ministers Olivier Veran and Roslyn Bachelot, Ile-de-France President Valerie Pecresse and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

two groups

The study should make it possible to establish that if the result of a Covid-19 test were negative, viewers would not be more likely to become infected during the concert than at normal times.

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The trial, whose first results are expected by the end of June, is open only to people aged between 18 and 45 who are not at risk of developing severe forms (obesity and hypertension) in case of contamination.

Of the 20,000 volunteers, a group of 7,500 were selected after the first negative antigen test between Wednesday and Friday.

Among them, 5,000 people will dance ”.your black eyes“, While 2,500 will have to stay at home. All participants are advised to take the saliva test on Saturday, then after another seven days. The number of positive cases in the two groups will be compared.

The process also aims to test the insertion of the negative test into the tousanticovid app, which portends a healthy transition. Finally, the cameras should allow to measure whether the mask is still wearing well, but not to target this or that spectator, the organizers reassure.

Previous trials, in Spain or the UK, did not show a high risk of contamination.

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