India’s first animal death from COVID-19, 28 elephants were taken for preventive inspection-International-Central News Agency

The first case of animal death from COVID-19 was reported in India earlier this month. The death was a rare Asian lion in the southern city of Chennai Zoo. Indian officials said today that 28 elephants in a forest conservation area in the same province have been collected for safety reasons.

Indian media reported that a 9-year-old Asian lioness died at a zoo in Chennai, Tamil Nadu province, earlier this month. It is believed to be the first known animal death in India from COVID-19. (COVID-19) case.

The Chennai local “New Indian Express” (The New Indian Express) reported last week that a total of 9 lions in the zoo were infected. In addition to the dead lioness, 2 other lions were in critical condition.

A forest manager in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in southern Tamil Nadu province told AFP: “After a lion was diagnosed at the Vandalur Zoo, we were asked to take care of the big animals in the camp. It is a preventive measure for elephants to be inspected.”

Including 2 baby elephants, a total of 28 elephants underwent nasal and anal examinations yesterday. The specimens have been sent to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute in Uttar Pradesh for testing. It is expected to be received in a week. Get the result.

According to the video provided by the conservation area, the trainers of these elephants lift up the trunks and collect specimens from one of the nostrils. The manager said: “These animals have no symptoms. The inspection is only for prevention.”

(Central News Agency)


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