India fears new flood from newly formed lake in Himalayas | Special

Newly formed Himalayan lake raises fears of another flash flood in India, just under a week after the Tapovan disaster, authorities said Friday.

As a result of the above, an expedition of specialists to examine the site.

A total of 36 people have died and 168 are still missing since a torrent of water rushed violently on Sunday in the Rishiganga Valley, in the state of Uttarakhand (north), destroying everything in its path.

The phenomenon was initially attributed to the rupture of a glacier Himalayan, but other hypotheses are envisaged, including the formation of a lake due to the melting of a massif and whose banks would have given way.

In the region, rapid thaw of glaciers, due to global warming, is increasingly worrying.

On Thursday, geologists warned that a new lake in the vicinity of the Rishiganga River, where the catastrophe occurred on Sunday, and whose banks could give way under the pressure of the water.

Satellite images and site observation from a helicopter confirmed the presence of the lakeAshok Kumar, a local police officer, told AFP.

The person in charge indicated that the teams had gone to examine the site and that their ascent on foot would require at least 16 hours before reaching the place, about 4,270 meters above sea level.

“In recent days, the Rishiganga flow had decreased, but since yesterday (Thursday) it has gained importance,” said the officer.

“This means that this lake presents a crack. It would be dangerous for the water to accumulate and for there to be no flow ”, he added.

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Rescue teams continue their search for the missing this Friday, including about 30 people trapped in a tunnel since Sunday, although the hope of finding survivors is increasingly remote.


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