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[VoiceofHopeJune192022](Editor: Guo Qiang)1. Smiling can prolong life by 5 seconds, laughing can prolong life by 50 seconds, and laughter can prolong life by 500 seconds.

2. People can’t lick their elbows.

3. Women’s heartbeats are faster than men’s.

4. People who eat too much will have poor hearing.

Read (Pixabay)

5. Reading 650 words will burn a calorie.

6. Money is not made of paper, but cotton.

7. It takes twice as much electricity to change the air conditioner from 26 degrees to 25 degrees.

8. The nail of the thumb grows the slowest, and the nail of the middle finger grows the fastest.

9. Fingernails grow 3 times faster than toenails.

10. How big were our eyes when we were born, and how big are our eyes now. But the nose and ears are growing all the time.

11. Keep staring at the palm of your hand, the palm will be hot.

12. Put the backs of the two hands together, rub it hard, and then smell it, it stinks.

Jump (Piqsels)
Jump (Piqsels)

13. You can’t jump without bending your knees.

14. The transparent snot is freezing and causing a cold, and the green snot is a viral cold.

15. Animals are also gay.

16. No matter how big the paper is, it can only be folded in half at most 9 times.

17. You can’t walk in a straight line with your eyes closed, no matter how accurate your direction is.

18. Elephants are the only mammals in the world that cannot jump.

19. The human thigh bone is stronger than concrete.

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Oranges (pixaby)
Oranges (pixaby)

20. For oranges, the “mother” is more delicious, and the “mother” is a circle on the butt, not a point.

21. Pure honey has strong antibacterial ability and is the only food in the world that will not spoil. American archaeologists once discovered a jar of honey in the Egyptian pyramid tomb. It has been identified that this jar of honey has lasted for more than 3,300 years, but it has not deteriorated at all, and it can still be eaten today.

22. An ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain.

23. Beetles taste like apples, wasps taste like pine cones, and earthworms taste like bacon.

24. A cockroach can live for weeks after its head is chopped off!

25. Your heart beats 100,000 times a day.

26. Your ribs move 5 million times a year, rising and falling with every breath you take.

learn (pixabay)
Right-handed (pixabay)

27. Right-handers live on average 9 years longer than left-handers.

28. Like fingerprints, each person’s “tongue pattern” is also different.

29. The most dust in your room is the dead skin you shed.

30. Camels have three layers of eyelids to prevent wind and sand from dazzling their eyes.

31. The donkey’s eyes allow it to see its four feet at any time.

32. It is impossible to open your eyes when you sneeze.

33. Eye drops should be placed on the inner eyelid, not the eyeball.

Eye drops (Image: Piqsels)
Eye Drops (Piqsels)

34. The human stomach renews its secretions every two weeks, otherwise it will digest itself.

35. Girls who eat beef tend to grow mustaches.

36. The height of the fracture can be increased after recovery.

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37. Except for leap years, the first day of each year is the day of the week, and the last day is the day of the week.

38. Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.

39. Hot water freezes more easily than cold water.

40. Mosquitoes have teeth, and there are 22 of them.

41. Drop a small amount of alcohol on a scorpion and it will immediately go crazy and sting itself.

Headphones (Image: pxhere)
Headphones (pxhere)

42. Wearing earphones for an hour will increase the number of bacteria in the ear by 700 times.

43. When a person sees something they like, their pupils dilate by 45%.

44. People’s buttocks are cool all year round, regardless of the weather and temperature. Most people’s buttocks are dominated by muscles, with fewer blood vessels, mainly nerves. Without large blood vessels, there is relatively little heat.

45. The number of bacteria accounts for 90% of all living cells in the human body, we = 10% people + 90% bacteria.

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