Increasing numbers – Sydney is back in lockdown due to Delta variant

Published28. June 2021, 4:47 PM

The vaccination campaign is making slow progress, and the dreaded Delta variant can spread. A government adviser is already speaking of the most dangerous situation on the continent since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Rising corona numbers: Sydney is back in lockdown.

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The lockdown should last at least two weeks.

The lockdown should last at least two weeks.

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This is intended to contain the spread of the virus.

This is intended to contain the spread of the virus.

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  • In Australia, the corona numbers are rising again.

  • The reason for this is the delta variant.

  • The vaccination campaign is slow.

Australian authorities imposed strict restrictions in several regions on Monday amid the further spread of the highly contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus. “We have to stay in lockdown until we have contained the virus,” said Northern Territory Prime Minister Michael Gunner.

After a corona outbreak in a remote mine near Darwin, Gunner is particularly concerned about the indigenous people of the region, who are even more exposed to the virus. A lockdown in Darwin, which originally ran until Tuesday, was extended to Friday.

In the metropolises of Brisbane and Perth, the authorities issued a new mask requirement and restrictions on gatherings on Monday. Corona preventive restrictions also apply again in the state of South Australia, where no cases have been registered so far. In the capital, Canberra, a mask requirement for interiors has been introduced.

Slow vaccination campaign

The biggest outbreak so far has been in Sydney, which has been in complete lockdown for at least two weeks since Saturday evening. The outbreak can be traced back to a driver service in Sydney that brought the crew of an airplane to a quarantine hotel around two weeks ago. The authorities have since registered 130 corona cases.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called a meeting of national leaders for Monday evening. His government has come under fire for a slow vaccination campaign and quarantine system.

Australia has largely contained the corona infections with border closings and strict quarantine rules. However, health experts believe that until the majority of residents are vaccinated, outbreaks will occur again and again. 7.4 million vaccine doses have been administered to date, but only a fraction of the 25 million population has been vaccinated twice.

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