Income Round 2023: Warning strike in Aachen

Several hundred employees followed the call of the komba trade union under the umbrella of the dbb civil servants’ association and tariff union and resigned from their jobs.
dbb collective bargaining boss Volker Geyer took part in the rally in Aachen and clearly criticized the Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, and the President of the municipal employers, Karin Welge. “The two praise federal and local employees at every opportunity. But they remain silent when it comes to concrete offers. The colleagues are tired of such Sunday speeches. They don’t just want warm words, they want a tangible increase in their income. Because everything is getting more expensive: in the supermarket, at the gas station, with heating costs. Anyone who really appreciates public service employees will not leave them alone with these worries – or else should not be surprised if the frustration about it erupts on the streets and in the companies.

Until the second round of negotiations on 22./23. February there will always have to be protests and strikes. “The pressure on employers must now increase. Therefore, the signs point to a strike not only in Aachen. In the coming weeks we will clearly and decisively show that it is not possible without the employees in the public sector,” affirmed Andreas Hemsing, national chairman of the komba trade union and deputy dbb national chairman.

In view of the difficult situation of numerous employees, this collective bargaining round is about a significant and sustainable increase in income. 10.5 percent more wages are required, but at least 500 euros a month. In addition, there is an increase in the remuneration of trainees, students and interns by 200 euros and a binding commitment to take on the trainees for an unlimited period. The term should be 12 months.

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