In Zaporozhye, a dog from the Dnieper died, which disappeared after participating in the exhibition (PHOTOS)

The dog disappeared on May 29, they were looking for it for more than a day.

The owners brought the animal to Zaporozhye from the Dnieper to participate in the exhibition. Gilda fell off her harness – volunteers, police and simply not indifferent residents of the city were looking for her. Last night the dog was found near the railroad tracks – the train ran over its legs. The owners immediately left the Dnieper for the animal.

Unfortunately, the dog died from his injuries. Oleg Glushich wrote about this on Facebook.

“Friends, I found my dog ​​near the railway tracks, she died, I took her from Zaporozhye and returned to my place in the Dnieper. Probably I would not write this post at night or at any other time, but since I asked all of you for help, therefore I want to say thank you to everyone: who helped spread my situation, who made a repost, added information to other groups, who were worried, helped to search, shared information, thanks to the volunteers of Zaporozhye, police brigades, special thanks to the woman and the girl who were the last minute of their life with my dog ​​and told me about its location. Low bow to you all. Today I lost my smallest friend Gildu, ”writes Gilda’s owner Oleg Glushich.

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