In which city in South Korea does the love of your life live?

South Korea has incredible cities to visit, in which of them will you find true love? Take this test and discover the place where that ideal person is.

Every year millions of tourists from all over the world visit the incredible cities from South Korea, many of them driven by their love of the industry entertainment Like the K-dramas and to K-pop.

Surely you are a great admirer of some popular band of boys or girls of South KoreaMaybe you are deeply in love with a handsome man actor from dramas or are you simply attracted to the culture of that asian country.

Is one of your biggest dreams to go to South Korea?, a city from this great territory awaits you, there is a special person who is connected to your destiny and will catch your heart completely.

Next, you will discover in which city of South Korea you will find the love of your life. The traits of your personality and your perspective of love will be the key to knowing where will your partner. Is your future boyfriend from Seoul, Busan, Inchon O Daegu?

The results of this test are equivalent to: (A) (B) (C) (D)

In love you are a girl …

  • Reserved (A)
  • Coquettish (D)
  • Tender (B)
  • Daring (C)

What would be the first thing you would do when reaching South Korea?

  • Take lots of photos of yourself and share them on social media (D)
  • Visit a cafeteria or restaurant (C)
  • Go to a tourist square (B)
  • Would you buy tickets to your favorite K-pop band’s conversion (A)
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What situation do you think is the most romantic to meet the love of your life abroad?

  • Let him be your travel guide (B)
  • That he be the waiter of a restaurant (C)
  • That a coincidence unites them (A)
  • That they meet in a karaoke (D)

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You are the type of girl that when she likes a boy …

  • He approaches to speak to her immediately (C)
  • She is very shy and you get nervous (B)
  • You are nice and friendly (D)
  • You let him get closer first (A)

The boy of your dreams must be …

  • Attentive and sweet (C)
  • Dedicated and faithful (D)
  • Responsible and loving (B)
  • Smart and fun (A)

What type of tour would you like to do first in South Korea?

  • Through all beauty and cosmetic stores (A)
  • Through all the fashionable establishments (C)
  • A tour of the buildings of the entertainment companies (B)
  • A tour of drama locations (D)

Do you believe in him love ideal if by…

  • The connection of two souls (C)
  • The destination (A)
  • At first glance (D)
  • Coexistence (B)


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Busan is one of the cities most visited by local and foreign tourists, there you would find the love of your life, Maybe he would be the guy in charge of the tours you would do around the place. Your personality would conquer it immediately.

You are a shy and curious girl, so your ideal destination would be Inchon, in that city from South Korea You would meet your soul mate, maybe he would be the waiter of that cute restaurant that you would visit regularly during your trip to the country.

You are a girl with a very strong charisma, everywhere you go you dazzle others with your presence, the city from Korea from the south that I would receive you with my arms, to open them would be Daegu. There you would make local friends and meet a special guy on karaoke night.


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