In Voronezh, a dog bit an 11-year-old girl in front of the owner

In Voronezh, a thoroughbred dog bit an 11-year-old girl on the hand. The victim’s mother, Diana, told the journalist Vesti Voronezh about this. The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon, July 21, at about 14:15 on Kholzunov Street near house number 70. According to the woman, the animal attacked her daughter right in front of the owner, who was indifferent to the situation. Moreover, the dog was on a leash, and the young man could not keep him.

Now the girl feels fine, but there are deep wounds in the elbow area. The parents took their daughter to the emergency room, where doctors examined her – there was no need to sew up the wound.

– The situation is extremely terrible with the indifference of an adult, but so far there has been no contact with him. According to my daughter, the dog looks like a Shar Pei, but judging by the video, it is larger. Unfortunately, it turns out that holding a leash is not a defense against attacks. My post, left on social networks, is not about the dog’s aggression, but about the fact that this individual did not even stop to help my bloody child! – Diana is indignant.

As a result, the woman turned to the police for help and wrote a statement. She worries about the health of her child, because, in theory, the dog could be rabid.

Journalists of “Vesti Voronezh” clarify the information in the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Recall that in May, on the Left Bank of Voronezh, near a reservoir, a stray dog ​​bit a 12-year-old girl. The child was diagnosed with a bite, infected leg wound.

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