In turn, Coinbase openly criticizes the policies of the App Store


In recent weeks, the App Store continues to be criticized. While Apple was already in conflict with Spotify and other developers, in part because of the 30% commission it levies on transactions with users of iOS applications, the Cupertino company recently went to war against Epic, the developer of Fortnite.

As a reminder, Epic has launched a direct payment feature on its Android and iOS applications. This allows players to make these payments without going through the payment system integrated into the App Store, and therefore not to pay Apple’s 30% (and to benefit from a reduction).

The reaction of the Cupertino company was not long in coming since it decided to ban Fortnite from the App Store. Epic subsequently filed a complaint against Apple. And while the case is still on, other companies openly criticize the regulations imposed on the App Store.

Coinbase, a specialist in cryptocurrencies, comes out of its silence?

Recently, it was Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, who decided to talk about the difficulties his business is having because of the App Store. “Following other companies struggling with Apple’s App Store restrictions, I want to talk a bit about Coinbase’s struggle here.”, we read in a long thread he posted on Twitter. “Many companies are reluctant to speak out on these matters for fear of retaliation, but I think we need to keep the dialogue open. “

Faced with its own difficulties on the App Store, Coinbase has reportedly already attempted discussions, but it did not succeed. Indeed, Apple told this company, specialist in cryptocurrencies that it can not offer features that allow users to earn money using crypto or offer features that allow users to access applications. decentralized financials (sometimes called DeFi or Dapps).

The boss of Coinbase accuses Apple of blocking innovation in the cryptocurrency field and even mentions possible conflicts of interest. “Forcing users to use the App Store instead of Dapps (websites), or IAP (note, transactions made through the App Store) instead of encrypted payments, reminds me of what Microsoft did at the time (forcing users to use IE if you were on Windows), which led to all of their antitrust issues ”, we also read in his thread.

It remains to be seen whether Apple could review its policy on cryptomonnaies and the Dapps. Indeed, Coinbase indicates that it used the new circuit offered by Apple which allows developers to suggest updates to the regulations of the App Store.

In addition, Apple also has a conflict with Microsoft regarding cloud gaming. This September, the Redmond firm will finally launch its xCloud service. But unfortunately, this service will probably not be available on iOS due to the App Store regulations.

Recently, Apple finally updated this policy to allow cloud gaming applications. However, the Cupertino company has also planned many restrictions on this type of application. Therefore, the solution proposed by Apple does not satisfy Microsoft, who has already spoken on the subject.

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