In the Wiesneck house in Buchenbach, questions from young people are discussed – Buchenbach

Young people experience political education in the Wiesneck study center in Buchenbach. Here you can learn to form a well-founded opinion on the vast digital market.

Young people have questions: How can I shape my future – in view of climate change, the corona pandemic, global migration? How can I become politically active myself? The Buchenbacher Studienhaus Wiesneck is a place where such questions are taken seriously and discussed. In the middle of the green, a 15-minute walk from Himmelreich train station, is the conference center of the Baden-Württemberg Institute for Civic Education.
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School classes, German teachers from Eastern Europe and students from the University of Freiburg come here to discuss urgent political questions in a calm and intense manner and to exchange ideas with one another without any pressure to perform. Beate Rosenzweig, …

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