In the Ural village, a stray dog ​​again attacked a schoolboy. Second time in a week / March 17, 2023 | Chelyabinsk, News of the day 17.03.23

A homeless dog bit a child in Troitsk, South Ural.

As the correspondent of RIA “New Day” reports, the incident occurred in the village of State District Power Plant, which is part of Troitsk. The mother of the child told about this in the public “Teksler, help”.

“Today in the village of Gres my daughter was bitten by a street stray dog ​​(flock of 5), I ask for your help, as this is not the first time! This pack of dogs is fed by a woman,” wrote the townswoman.

Note that this is the second case in a week. Earlier, on March 10, another resident of Troitsk told about the attack of a dog on her son.

The mayor’s office once again admitted that they are aware of the problem. Again, they cited limited funding. “Given that funding is limited, with a high cost per dog, it is possible to catch them only partially. Since the beginning of the year, 54 dogs have already been caught for the amount of 600 thousand rubles. As of March 13, the Housing and Public Utilities Department received 85 applications. The housing and communal services department has posted new documentation for the next auction,” the officials said. Emphasizing at the same time that, as a matter of priority, measures for catching animals without owners are carried out in the territories adjacent to social facilities.

Chelyabinsk, Victor Eliseev

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