In the Tver region, young talents do not go unnoticed –

On November 23, at a government meeting led by Igor Rudeni, the development of the national project “Culture” in the Tver region was discussed. In the coming years, many festivals are planned in the region, renovation of theaters, houses of culture, museums, expansion of the network of virtual concert halls and model libraries.

Topic comments Varvara Mineevtseva, recipient of the Vasily Andreev scholarship:

– I see how festivals, concerts, competitions are actively held in the Tver region. Therefore, I can safely say that culture is developing and does not stand still. Culture is part of our life. It should be noted that young talents do not go unnoticed in the Tver region. We feel support from the regional government.

In addition, now we can see that more and more young talents represent our region at the All-Russian level. It’s great. In my opinion, culture can be expressed in anything. For me personally – in music. Thanks to her, I convey the deepest thoughts and feelings of a person.

– The Upper Volga region is the historical center of Russia. And our desire to become one of the country’s cultural centers is due to the fact that the history of the Tver region is associated with the names of dozens of outstanding cultural figures – writers and poets, musicians and conductors, choreographers and artists, sculptors and architects. Historically significant monuments of culture and architecture are located on the territory of the region, – said Governor Igor Rudenya.

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