In the suburbs may begin to label domestic dogs KXan 36 Daily News

Registration and labeling of domestic dogs and cats may be introduced in the Moscow region. Such a bill is supposed to be developed by deputies of the Moscow Regional Duma.

As the chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma Committee on Agrarian Policy and the Consumer Market, Sergey Kerselyan, told the Moscow City News Agency, the draft law “On the regulation of certain legal relations in the field of responsible treatment of animals in the Moscow region” is planned to be prepared in 2022. The adoption of the draft law will make it possible to create a unified information base for pets. This will facilitate the search for lost pets and reduce the number of homeless animals in the region.

As the deputy does not rule out, marking dogs may become mandatory in order to hold owners accountable in case of attacks by their pets, as well as reduce the number of animals without owners, and, as a result, the burden on shelters. The marking procedure itself will be paid for from the regional budget, the owner will only have to pay for the tag or chip. The adoption of such a law does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, according to federal legislation, the regulation of this issue is given entirely to the regional level.


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