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Maternity capital can be used to educate children. At the same time, you can pay for education for any child in the family, regardless of the sequence of his birth or adoption. This was reported in the official account of the ministry on Instagram.

Photo: press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

The department said that when using matkapital to pay for tuition, the main thing is to observe several rules. Maternity capital funds for preschool education of children can be sent immediately after receiving the certificate. To pay for the education of children in schools, universities and colleges from the maternity capital, the child for whom the maternity capital has been received must be 3 years old. In addition, at the date of the start of education, the child must be no older than 25 years old, and the educational organization must be located in Russia and have a license to provide educational services.

“It is possible to study with funds from the capital not only in universities or secondary vocational educational institutions, but also in private kindergartens, institutions of additional education or at preparatory courses,” the Ministry of Labor explained. It is also possible to pay for living in the hostel of the educational institution from the funds of the maternity capital.

The press service of the department noted that the statement on spending money on education can be canceled at any time. For example, if a child took academic leave or was expelled from an educational organization. An application for the disposal of the capital can be submitted through a personal account on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia or State Services. Also, the application can be written in person at the MFC or in any territorial body of the PFR, regardless of place of residence.


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