In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, almost 3,000 illiterates were found during the census

November 22 10:19

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, statisticians found out what kind of education residents of the region have. It turned out that there are almost 3,000 illiterate people in the region. Such data was obtained during the 2020 All-Russian Population Census.

Limited to full school education (11 classes) in the region 383,739 people, another 212,555 people completed only 9 classes. Also in the region there were 154,406 citizens who received only primary education and 36,053 who had no education at all. Also during the large-scale survey were illiterate people were recorded – there are 2,790 of them in the region.

Secondary vocational education in the questionnaire was indicated by 779,830 people. Among them are mid-level specialists – 516,821 people, skilled workers and employees – 263,009 people.

452,700 people have higher education in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. There are 173,479 men and 279,221 women in this category. 46,532 people did not complete their studies at the university and have incomplete higher education.

At the same time, 2,272 women and 2,081 men have a Ph.D. degree – a total of 4,353 people. There are 932 doctors of sciences in total. Of these, 524 are men and 408 are women.

“Why is it so important to know how many PhDs or university graduates live in the region? This is necessary for business development planning, implementation of industrial and economic projects. Most jobs at manufacturing enterprises, in newly opened companies, various organizations can only be occupied by those specialists who have the appropriate education and higher qualifications. Based on the data obtained during the population census, programs will be developed for the accessibility of education in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, ”the Krasnoyarskstat explained.