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The starts this season, they were a little hesitant with many goals embedded mainly due to the lack of coupling of the template, but what is true is that the equipment had Reaction capacity and in these first matches it was possible to turn around adverse markers, Porriño, Areosa, Lalín and Val Miñor.

It was a good sign, the equipment showed ambition and want to win that many times overcomes the technical and tactical problems and deficiencies.

The points and the distance from the drop zones, along with the coupling of the players and the modifications introduced in the way of playing the equipment, Little by little they get the team to play with more calm and confidence.

Little by little the goal bleeding and they are winning games with some solvency on the scoreboard(Alondras, UD Ourense, O Val), settling in a noble area of ​​the classification.

An important moment in the competition was the defeat at home with Deportivo from A Coruña. Fortunately he turned to victories with the Valladares (1-0) and there begins a streak of 14 games without losing, among which stands out above all the victory in the Remedies against Celta by 1 to 0.

Highlight the work so far betting on the template which has performed above expectations, with players that they have had to constantly adapt to new positions.

Also important is the contribution of the players of team B and above all the commitment that the components of this show every day equipment.

Another aspect to note is that only 4 components age for the next season, which puts even more value on the campaign carried out so far (Cándio Gómez, Pabellón CF coach).

CClassification to date in the National Youth League:

1st-Celtic B-64-points.

2º-Deportivo B-52 points.

3rd-Ourense Pavilion-49 points.

4th-Choco-46 points.

5º-Areosa-44 points.

6º-Pontevedra-40 points.

7º-Ourense CF-37 points.

8º-R.Bouzas-37 points.

9º-Lugo B-36 points.

10º-Victoria-32 points.

11º-Alondras-31 points.

12º-Valladares-25 points.

13º-Val Miñor B-23 points.

14º-UD Ourense-21 points.

15º-Vilalbés-20 -points.

16º- The Val-19 points.

17º-Lalín-18 points.

18º-Porriño-12 points.

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