In Tarutino decide the issue of further work of the local agricultural lyceum

In the village of Tarutino in the south of the Odessa region, representatives of local authorities discussed with the administration of the Tarutino Professional Agrarian Lyceum the further work of the educational institution.

In particular, the option of recruiting one group of students at the expense of the local budget is proposed. According to preliminary calculations, the cost of maintaining a group of students (30 people) per month will be almost UAH 90,000. The maintenance cost includes: stipend, meals, utility bills, salaries of craftsmen and teachers.

Local authorities are considering this option due to the fact that in recent years the state request and funding for the agrarian lyceum has decreased, which provides an opportunity for school graduates from the Tarutino community to study on the territory of the community and acquire working specialties.

“Obtaining a working specialty is very important in our time. Soon, the restoration of cities and villages will begin in our country. People of working professions in agriculture are very much needed. And therefore, the solution of the issue of the further work of the Tarutinsky professional agrarian lyceum, namely the enrollment of students for the new academic year, is a priority task both for the leadership of the community and for the administration of the lyceum, ”said Savva Chernev, the village head, and suggested recruiting a group of children to study at PAL for the local budget, decide on the specialty of the group, and then all together think about how the lyceum can earn its own money, for example, by providing services for the repair of premises and manufacturing their own products.

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In addition, letters have been prepared to the Bolgrad District Military Administration, the Odessa Regional Military Administration, and meetings will be held with the leadership of the administrations regarding the further work of the Tarutinsky Professional Agrarian Lyceum and the possibility of financing it from the regional and state budgets.

At the same time, it is noted that the issue raised should be resolved in the near future, because soon the beginning of a new academic year, for which it is necessary to prepare the educational institution properly, taking into account today’s realities.

According to the Tarutino Council

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