In St. Petersburg and Kazan, concerts of the AloeVera group were canceled. The soloist spoke about the pressure on the organizers

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Vera Musaelyan is the wife of opposition politician Ilya Yashin.

According to Musaelyan, the owners of the club in Kazan, where the concert was to be held, received a call “from there” and said that the performance was “not recommended”. The club was threatened with inspections by Rospotrebnadzor. The singer spoke about this on Instagram.

A similar situation happened with the organizers of Stereoleto in St. Petersburg. According to Musaelyan, they were hinted that if they did not give up the AloeVera concert, the whole festival would be in jeopardy.

We cannot be accused of extremism, of incitement to hatred, of anti-government slogans, we are an independent group that you can’t fucking ban. Therefore, pressure is exerted on the organizers, on the venues.

Vera Musaelyan

soloist of the group “AloeVera”

The soloist of the group said that the recent concert in Stary Oskol “passed without any calls from above, and no difficulties arose on the spot.” According to her, the group “does not understand the logic of what is happening.” Musaelyan is married to opposition politician Ilya Yashin. In the post, she hinted that she considers this to be a possible reason for the cancellation of the concerts.

My wife started getting banned from concerts. They come to the organizers from the administration and simply say: this group should not be. They threaten with checks and cancellation of all events. Everything is as usual: “members of the family of enemies of the people” are punished. Read Vera’s post:



TJ has sent inquiries to concert organizers but has not received a response yet. The public at the Stereoleto festival announced that it was not about cancellation, but about the postponement of the performance for a year. To the user’s question, in connection with what such a decision was made, they replied: “We do not know this anymore.”

In the spring of 2021, several concerts were disrupted, including Noize MC. The Elysium group was banned at a concert in Moscow from showing a photo of Navalny with the words “Freedom for political prisoners!”

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