In Sochi, a hotel guard nearly strangled a dog

The incident took place the night before near a hotel in the Continental Avenue area. Eyewitnesses published a video on social networks, which shows how the guard of the boarding house drags a dog on a leash. He pulls the animal out of the hotel fence and closes it.

In this case, the dog does not move any more. Then eyewitnesses reported that the dog was alive. After a while, the dog left by itself. Eyewitnesses called the police to the scene.

The duty unit of the Russian Interior Ministry on the federal territory “Sirius” received a message from a citizen who said that in the area of ​​Continental Avenue, a man was strangling a dog with a belt. Police officers went to the scene. The 29-year-old man, who allegedly used force on the animal, was detained and taken to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs through the federal territory “Sirius”. Police officers are taking measures aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident, “- reports the Russian Interior Ministry for the federal territory” Sirius “.

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