In Saratov, a stray dog ​​attacked a 9-year-old girl

On August 5, a resident of Saratov reported on the social network VKontakte about the attack of a stray dog ​​on her 9-year-old daughter.

According to Olga Mirkulova, the incident happened the night before.

“Next to the house at the trash can on the 2nd Proletarka. Fright and a torn dress in a child, I have pressure … Dogs with a clip in their ear, but their teeth are what they are and aggression … Where do I go to get the dogs removed from the yard? Both day and night there is barking, ”said Olga Mirkulova in the Zavodskoy Online Saratov group.

“It’s useless to apply, the administration of Zavodskoy has written to me since spring that the information has been transferred to the city improvement service and will be caught, but over the summer there are already new offspring, and instead of 19 individuals, they are already running under 30 pieces. The houses were settled there, upstairs, and the dogs remained, hungry and angry, barking and howling endlessly at night, no one cares, ”one of the subscribers was indignant.

Representatives of the administration of the Zavodskoy district asked her to write contact details in personal messages and promised to notify her of the execution of the previous application, as well as to send a second one.

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