In PK basketball, the finalist extends the contract with the head coach


Basketball specialist Serhio Ernandes will be at the helm of the Argentine men’s basketball team until the end of next year’s Tokyo Olympics, the Argentine Basketball Federation reports on Saturday.

Ernandess reached the World Cup final with the Argentine national team last summer, recognizing Spain’s superiority. Already after this tournament, it was known that the specialist will lead the team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but the four-year event was postponed, as a result of which the cooperation with the coach was extended.

“The agreement gives me peace and joy, because I know that I will continue to work until the 2021 Tokyo Olympics,” said the specialist. “I’ve been hoping for this for a long time, but now it’s official.”

“The idea has remained the same – to prepare a sample. Then we will look for strong opponents outside the country, at the same time trying not to tire the players. “

The 56-year-old made his debut at the helm in 2005, but a year later won the fourth place in the World Cup in Japan with the Argentine national team. In 2010, he replaced his head coach as an assistant and helped Julio Lamas at the London Olympics, where the Argentines ranked fourth.

In 2015, he returned to the position of head coach. The specialist has also led the Argentine national team at the 2008 and 2016 Olympics in honor of the head coach. In 2008, he managed to win bronze awards with the national team in Beijing.


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