In order to protect Earth from asteroids, scientists plan to install Tethered Diversion Cables

by – The fall of celestial bodies and asteroids to earth is one of the problems that have worried humans for centuries. Moreover, according to research the end of the dinosaur civilization was caused by the fall of the celestial body to earth.

Seeing this, the researchers made various plans to avoid this disaster.

In the latest study, researchers revealed that they have plans to use tethered diversion, which is to use long cables to connect potentially hazardous objects that are near Earth.

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This method is being investigated by researchers at the University of Central Florida trying to divert the path of an asteroid that could potentially fall to Earth.

The study was carried out by simulating the asteroid Bennu as the subject.

In the simulation, researchers made an approach by launching a spacecraft on October 28, 2045. The spacecraft will go to asteroid Bennu before the asteroid has a dangerous distance from Earth.

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The spacecraft will attach tether to the two objects.

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