In Novorossiysk, a dog was saved with the help of a noose VIDEO

Novorossiysk rescuers with the help of a noose and good hands pulled a dog out of a fountain on the city’s Embankment. This was announced in the telegram channel Alexey Oderovhead of the local rescue service.

He clarified that the dog did not know how it got into the fountain, and then could not jump back out on its own. And rescuers rushed to help her.

The footage captures the moments of the work of the rescue service. They even had to go into the water to rescue the exhausted animal. At the same time, rescuers used a special tool called a “noose” in order to capture the dog.

– We will help everyone! – said Alexey Oderov.

It is good that a rescue service functions in Novorossiysk. Its specialists often help out not only people, but also various animals – both domestic and wild.

Video: telegram channel Alexey Oderov

Earlier, Live Kuban wrote that in Novorossiysk, rescuers came to the aid of a kitten and a dog.

The first incident occurred on Krasnoznamenny Lane. A local resident said that it is not clear how the kitten got into the storm drain. The baby meowed plaintively, because he could not get out on his own. Rescuers responded to a request for help. When they arrived at the scene, they immediately began to rescue.

“With the help of tools, they opened the grate of the storm drain, and then, with the help of the good hands of the rescuers, they got the kitten out and handed it over to the locals, who promised to take care of him,” wrote Alexey Oderov.

Later, a similar incident was repeated on Industrialnaya Street. This time the dog fell into the storm drain. Rescuers with a noose pulled out an animal that cannot move independently. The dog was taken to the unit and volunteers were invited.

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In Novorossiysk, rescuers rescued a husky who fell into a well, reported earlier “Live Kuban”.

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