In Normandy, more and more municipalities impose the mask on the markets


In Normandy, as in all of France, more and more municipalities are taking orders to impose the wearing of masks outdoors. Sometimes in part of the streets, like in Cabourg since Tuesday July 28, and more often on the markets.

Basket with one hand and mask on the face: since Wednesday August 5, these are the essential accessories to go to the market in Neubourg. “The high traffic on the market in summer and the health situation” led Isabelle Vauquelin, the mayor of Neubourg, to take a decree imposing the wearing of masks for over 11s (as is generally the case), during this weekly meeting on Wednesday. « During containment we were prohibited from reopening the market. There it is open, it is necessary to assume its safety, to protect the people who are present », believes the elected official, who, however, observed that before the obligation, more than half of the people already wore a mask.

For this first hidden market, tolerance will be required and there will be no verbalization because « not everyone will have had the information ». The municipal police and display will ensure prevention.

“As a precaution”

The mayor of Louviers also issued an order imposing from Wednesday August 5 the wearing of the mask on the perimeter of the market on Wednesday and Saturday. If there is no health alert in the area, Francois-Xavier Priollaud wanted to take this step « as a precaution. Although many people already wore the mask, not everyone had one. Thus we give the signal that it is necessary to respect the wearing of the mask ». A decision that he also justifies by the density of population on the market.

Saturday August 1, in the aisles of theYvetot, the measure was « very well understood », assures the mayor. « Besides this morning [mardi 4 août, Ndlr], which is not a market day, I saw more masks in the street », note Émile Canu, which issued a decree imposing the wearing of masks on the Wednesday and Saturday markets, since August 1. « We had taken health precautions to reopen the markets and we are bringing great vigilance to prevent the spread of the virus. However, for about a week there has been a relaxation in the wearing of the mask which was worn by only half of the people, and social distancing was no longer necessarily respected. Until now Yvetot has been preserved but you have to be careful because contamination happens quickly ». For the moment no sanction is applied.

Neubourg, Louviers and Yvetot are not the only municipalities to impose the mask on the market. Bernay in fact the same since Saturday August 1st. and the sister cities since Friday July 31st. The mayors ofEu, Le Tréport and Mers-les-Bains stated in a joint statement: « This preventive measure aims not only to protect people, but also to prevent any transmission of the virus on these places which would inevitably jeopardize the performance of these popular markets. “They also mention the obligation to wear a mask « during busy events ».

AT Étretat, the mayor André Baillard issued a decree which makes it compulsory to wear a mask in the city center, on the beach and the cliffs, from August 1 until the end of the month. The city council returned to this decision in our columns of August 3: « The city of Étretat experiences a significant tourist influx during the summer season, in particular in certain sectors of the city center, streets and shopping places, as well as in food and non-food markets, parks and gardens in the city center, the pier, the beach, the parking lots. In these places, the physical distance of at least one meter between two people cannot be respected in public spaces. »

The situation closely monitored

On the other side of the estuary, wearing a mask is compulsory, especially in the markets of Caen and Deauville as well as in certain public spaces Honfleur, Trouville-sur-Mer and Cabourg.

AT Rouen, wearing a mask has been compulsory on the markets since the end of May. AT Rouen, wearing a mask has been compulsory in the markets since the end of May. But for now, there are no plans to extend this measure to other areas of the city. However, “We will not hesitate to immediately take additional measures if the local health situation were to change”, assures the City which specifies that for the moment the indicators for monitoring the epidemic are green

If the mayors can take orders to impose the wearing of masks, the prefects can also do so.

This is the case, for example, of the prefect of the North, who made it compulsory in certain areas of the metropolis of Lille.

“We are in constant dialogue with the prefecture as well as the regional health agency”, recalls the town hall of Rouen. “We are monitoring the situation with the greatest vigilance. “

Make the mask compulsory, “It’s a bit like the role of the state”, valued Nicolas Gavard-Gongallud, Assistant for Safety and Quality of Life in Évreux, where the wearing of this protective equipment is not compulsory. The chosen one would be there « rather favorable on the markets. If tomorrow there is a Covid surge maybe it will be necessary. This decision will be taken in consultation with the prefect. ». For now, the deputy stresses that during the screening campaign conducted in Évreux « of the 968 tests performed, none were positive ».

“We apply the prefectural instructions”, indicates the City of Dieppe which does not currently plan to make the wearing of a mask compulsory in the public outdoor space. However, it will be on the entire site of the summer fair (funfair) which is held from Friday 7 to Sunday 23 August on the seafront.

At Havre, the city « does not plan to impose the wearing of the mask outdoors. We remain very vigilant on the application of barrier gestures and on gatherings, especially on the beaches and in the downtown area. », do we know at the town hall. She also emphasizes that public spaces « very large allow social distancing to be maintained ». The City is obviously following the evolution of the epidemic with the prefect and the regional health agency.

With their eyes on the epidemic monitoring indicators, the cities are ready to adapt.

Screenings continue

« To break the chains of transmission of the virus and contain viral circulation, the continuation and intensification of screening operations is a priority », recalls the Regional Health Agency. In order to further facilitate access to screening, the Minister of Health,
Olivier Véran, signed an order on July 24 allowing any voluntary person, with or without symptoms, to be tested without prescription. The tests are fully covered by health insurance.

The screenings are done either by appointment, in the medical biology laboratories carrying out the screenings or without an appointment,
in mobile points deployed in the region in Dieppe, Étretat, Fécamp, Le Havre, Le Tréport, Les Andelys and Giverny (1). People wishing to be tested must bring their Vitale card and an identity document.

(1) – complete list to be found on the website

“We can switch at any time”

In Normandy, more and more municipalities impose the mask on the markets

Mask compulsory on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. (AFP photo)

In Normandy, more and more municipalities impose the mask on the markets

Mask compulsory on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. (AFP photo)

France is not immune from an uncontrolled resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic, warns the Scientific Council.

« The virus is circulating more actively, with an accentuated loss of distancing measures and barrier measures : the balance is fragile and we can switch at any time in a less controlled scenario as in Spain for example », warns the body in a new notice made public Tuesday, August 4.
« The future of the epidemic in the short term is largely in the hands of citizens », which must respect barrier measures, continues the Scientific Council, according to whom
« France is in a controlled but fragile situation ».

Beyond the short-term situation, the authority judges
« highly likely that a second epidemic wave will be observed in the fall or winter », as she had already said.

Provide local containment

In recent weeks, the authorities have warned of a possible worsening of the situation, in the light of indicators on the rise almost three months after the end of confinement.

The week of July 20 to 26, the number of new confirmed cases in France saw a significant increase, by 54% (5,592 in total), and the bar of 1,000 new cases per day was exceeded, said the 30 July the health agency Public Health France in its last weekly update.

In addition, the number of patients with Covid-19 hospitalized in intensive care has increased by 13 cases since Friday July 31 (384 in total), breaking with the downward trend observed since April, according to the latest daily update from the General Directorate. de la Santé (DGS) broadcast on Monday August 3.

Faced with this observation, the authorities have stepped up measures in recent weeks. After the obligation of the mask in closed places, including businesses, on July 20, the government allowed the prefects to also impose it outside in places where they deem it necessary. This is particularly the case in several dozen municipalities in Mayenne, a department where the virus is particularly present, and in certain areas of Nice, Toulouse or even the Lille metropolis where was visiting
Jean Castex, Monday August 3.
« We must protect ourselves against this virus, especially without bringing economic and social life to a halt, that is to say by avoiding the prospect of generalized reconfinement. », then declared the Prime Minister.

This is also the line of the Scientific Council:
« The answer to this probable second wave [à l’automne ou à l’hiver, Ndlr]
will have to be different from the answer to the first. »

The Council calls on the authorities to put in place
« prevention plans » focused in particular on the twenty largest metropolises:
« A “confinement local”
more or less important depending on the epidemic must be prepared in these densely populated areas. »

He also deplores
« slowness » in the government strategy of testing, tracing and isolating positive cases. He recommends improving
« access to tests » screening, whose deadlines are currently too long due to high demand.


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