In Nikolaev, a mother with many children with a higher education stole a cart from “ATB”

In Nikolaev, a mother of three children stole a grocery cart from the ATB supermarket on the street. Troitskaya (Kirov) – the court sentenced her to 80 hours of community service.

This is discussed in the verdict of the Lenin court in the register of court decisions.

The incident took place back in January 2021. During the trial, it became known that the defendant took the cart out of the store and did not return it, having disposed of the supermarket’s property worth 2161 UAH 12 kopecks at her discretion. The moment of the theft got on the surveillance cameras, the video from which became one of the key pieces of evidence in the case.

The suspect confessed to what she had done, and sincerely repented. When making the decision, the court took into account this fact, as well as the fact that the woman has three children, she is married, without a permanent job, has no previous convictions, and has a higher education.

As a result, the judge sentenced the defendant to 80 hours of community service, and the cart was returned to the supermarket.

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