In Nice, Jean Castex’s firm speech against insecurity


After the fight against the coronavirus, the fight against insecurity. The day after his trip to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, where he announced the strengthening of health controls at the borders, Jean Castex went to Nice, Saturday July 25, this time in the company of the Minister of the Interior , Gérald Darmanin, and the Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupont-Moretti. The Prime Minister had promised “Concrete announcements” on the subject of insecurity, while the city led by Christian Estrosi has been the scene of violent clashes since Monday, where shootings broke out in broad daylight in front of a supermarket in the Moulins district.

This Saturday, shortly before the Prime Minister’s speech, a judicial source announced the discovery of the body of a young man in another sensitive area of ​​the city, Ariane. The causes of death of the victim, found in the common parts of a garage, are still unknown.

“Stop the enslavement of a certain part of society”

Jean Castex gave a firm speech after paying tribute to Nice – “Nice the courageous” who “ got up after the attack “ of July 14, 2016, and whose inhabitants, today, “Cannot accept that violence, wherever it comes from, can tarnish their daily life. “ In this city as in “The whole of France”, “The only authority that must apply is that of the State and the Republic”, he hammered in front of the prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes.

An echo of Gérald Darmanin’s comments in Le Figaro of the day. “We are witnessing a crisis of authority, considers the Minister of the Interior in this interview, who does not hesitate to speak of a “Savagery of a certain part of society”. We must reaffirm the authority of the State, and let nothing pass ”, he adds, a few days after moving to Nice and denouncing there “A minority of pissers that must absolutely be confused by the law”.

More sober in form, but consistent in substance, Jean Castex announced a series of local and national measures. Claimed by Mayor LR Christian Estrosi, “Extension of skills” of the municipal police of Nice will soon be the subject of a ” experimentation “, on which the Prime Minister did not however give more details. A “Loyalty allowance” will also be granted to police officers who have been working for more than two years in this city, to “thank” them for their commitment but also to compensate for a high cost of living. Another strong gesture towards Nice: the “Upgrading of staff” police, with ” the deployment ” soon sixty new agents.

150 additional jobs to strengthen local criminal action

At the national level, the government intends to strengthen the resources of both the police and the judiciary. 10,000 police stations should thus be created, according to the will of the President of the Republic. On the justice side, an area “Neglected too long” according to Jean Castex – who in particular insisted on the need to rebuild the very dilapidated prison in Nice – 150 additional jobs will be created upon re-entry throughout the country to “Strengthen local criminal action for the repression of everyday delinquency”. “In the 2021 budget as in the stimulus plan that we will present at the start of the school year, these new efforts will be amplified”, said the Prime Minister.

But one of the most salient measures remains undoubtedly that of the generalization of the fine for drug offenses. Voted in 2019 and already tested since the end of June in four cities – Rennes, Créteil, Reims and Boissy-Saint-Léger -, it consists of issuing a fixed fine of € 200 to people arrested with a small amount of drugs, especially cannabis. According to the Prime Minister, this “Package” has the merit of allowing “To apply a sanction without delay” and turns out “Very effective in the fight against drug retail outlets that plague neighborhoods”. It will therefore concern the whole country “From the start of the school year”.


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