In Mozambique, Total supplies the army to protect its interests


The French oil and gas group is providing food to several military bases so that a newly created task force can protect its huge gas project from the jihadist insurgency at work in the north of the country.

“Total will supply the Security and Defense Forces (FDS) until the end of the insurrection ”, reveals Tuesday, September 8 the newspaper Mozambique Channel. His article provides some details about the agreement reached in August between the French group and the Mozambican government with a view to creating a “Joint task force”.

Its goal ? Securing a huge multi-billion dollar gas project being developed by Total on the Afungi site in Cabo Delgado. A province rich in minerals where Islamist extremists close to Daesh have been leading a bloody insurgency since 2017. Attacks that have driven more than 200,000 people into exodus.

A cooperation which “raises some doubts”

In exchange, the gas company has undertaken to supply food to several military bases in the north of the country, which are in short supply due to the armed conflict delivered to the jihadists, specifies Mozambique Channel.

On August 26, Voice of America, American radio broadcasting abroad, reported that this agreement “Raised some doubts”. Politician Raúl Domingos, one of the cadres of Renamo (National Resistance of Mozambique), the main opposition party, believed that “This joint task force between a state and a private company could call into question national sovereignty” and threaten “National interests”.

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